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Basic Chess Classes For Kids | Part- 9| Chap-2| Importance of Knight, Creating Attack With Knight
By Vishal Singh


Knight is another one of the most important pieces in the game of chess because of its versatile power of moving in a different direction on the board. In this video session of Part- 9 of Vishal Sigh's Basic chess tutorial, Vishal Singh has continued his previous series on Knight and taught the importance of Knight along with the tactics of creating an attack with Knight. Also, do not forget to chapter-1 of this Knight tutorial for a quick revision of its movement & usage in the game of chess.

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About Vishal Singh

Vishal Singh has been playing chess for more than 10 years now. He has been teaching chess for 2 years now. During his interactive chess classes, he will teach various levels of chess to all chess enthusiasts out there. He has taught chess-winning tactics and secret tips for many students. Through his classes, kids will learn to think and reason and develop critical thinking, logical thinking, concentration, and memory skills. As the kids become passionate about chess, they learn to play chess with a champion mindset. Vishal chess classes aim to make a difference in the lives of children by giving kids an opportunity to develop into competent champions.... read more