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Basic Bharatanatyam Dance Tutorial | Bharatanatyam Stages, Namaskaram, Shlokas, Handwork, Adavus
By Sundary S

Bharatnatyam is an Indian classical dance form in Tamilnadu. It is a blend of expression, melody, and rhythm. It is beneficial in many ways. In this video tutorial, PiggyRide classical dance trainer Sundary Raj has taught about the Introduction of Bharatnatyam, its stages, Namaskaram with demonstration, Basic Adavus, Handwork, Footwork, and Shlokas. It's time to learn this amazing dance form from the core concepts. 

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About Sundary S

Sundary.S, 25 years old Bharathanatyam performer and choreographer can teach Basic to advance level Bharatanatyam dance form to willing dance learners. During her classes, she will cover various concepts such as Namaskaram with the introduction of dance & Basic fitness exercises, Dyana slokam and guru slokam, Mudras and Natadavu 3rd & 4th, and much more. ... read more