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Basic Bharatanatyam Dance Tutorial | Bharatanatyam Meaning, Namaskaram, Hasta Mudras
By Minal Soni

Bharatnatyam dance is a glorious South Indian dance style that involves specific wrist movements, facial expressions, and footwork. Explore its beauty in a better light with this engaging online video tutorial by PiggyRide classical dance trainer Minal Soni. In this video tutorial, Minal has explained the exact meaning of the term "Bharatanatyam", Namaskaram, Hasta mudras, basic adavus, Footwork, and much more. So indulge yourself in the glory of Bharatanatyam. 

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About Minal Soni

Minal Soni, is a bharatnatyam dancer and has been learning it since 13 years and have completed visharad (all 8 levels) in bharatnatyam. She has completed her professional degree in bharatanatyam from Nalanda institute. She believes Dance is an art, the Floor is canvas, We are brushes. So get ready to dance with her.... read more


    Sreya Das
    My daughter loves watching Madam Soni's classes! She has just started taking an interest in classical dance training and wishes to pursue this.... Read more