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Art and Craft classes
By Kajol Bagga

When creating an arts and crafts project, children are able to develop their fine motor skills. Art also allows for your child to expand their essential vocabulary. They'll learn the names of different shapes, colours, and materials without it seeming like a chore or a memorization exercise. 

Art and creativity teach problem-solving, which is a critical skill for success in life. By engaging in artistic activities and study, children develop confidence in their abilities, and they learn how to innovate. The arts encourage risk-free exploration, and it is this freedom that builds confidence.

Through arts and craft, children learn to value and appreciate artefacts and images across cultures and times. Experience in design, art, and crafts enable them to reflect critically on their own work and those by others. They learn to act and think like designers and artists, working intelligently and creatively.

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About Kajol Bagga

Kajol Bagga - a qualified art teacher and Primary teacher has completed her graduation in and is presently doing her masters. She has 6 years of teaching experience and has realized that she loves and enjoys teaching kids how to draw sketch and color. She is excited to share her passion for art with kids.... read more