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Vedic Maths Video Tutorials for Kids

Vedic mathematics is an ancient mathematical system that has provided various tricks in speeding up calculations. Vedic Mathematics is a combination of mathematical techniques that help in solving problems faster. It includes 16 formulas and 13 sub-formulas. It is a method of mathematics that involves algebra, calculus, geometry, etc, discovered by the Indian mathematician Jagadguru Sri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji. 

With the execution of Vedic Maths techniques, numerical calculations can be made easier. It is found that such techniques can increase the calculation speed approximately by 10-15 times. Some methods are really useful and fast. The amazing power of Vedic Mathematics System is undeniable due to its root origination from the Vedic period. Techniques mentioned in this age-old system are still useful in this modern time of education. A kid needs to learn Vedic maths techniques to open a whole new & quick approach of doing calculations. It is not only useful in the field of studies but also day to day life calculation requirements.

Advantages of Learning Vedic Maths Tutorials For Kids

Kids can achieve lightning calculation speed.
Polishes mathematical concepts.
Increases Focus.
Elevates interests towards mathematics.
Teaches quick maths techniques.
Empowers kids with best computational skills.

Our online Vedic maths video tutorials can provide your young one with all the above mentioned benefits through interactive learning sessions. Learning Vedic maths shows improved performance of students in their academic field. It is also quite helpful in improving student's confidence and helps them get rid of maths phobia. Vedic maths can speed up the calculations up to 15 times faster than normal maths. Are you looking for a Vedic Maths tutorial for beginners? Piggy Ride is here for you. Explore our extensive range of online Vedic maths video tutorials to choose a suitable training session for your young one.

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