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Learn Tabla Online With Video Tutorials- Each Raag Matters! 

Tabla is an Indian percussion musical instrument that is quite significant in Indian classical music. The word "Tabla" is derived from the Arabic word "Tabl" meaning drum. Tabla (or Dayan) is a wooden drum that generates bell-like tones. This musical instrument is best known for emancipating the true beauty of classical music. If your kid is willing to learn Tabla we have a wide range of tailor-made online tabla video tutorials for kids. Each tutorial is demonstrated by an experienced Tabla trainer and trained classical musician. 

By learning to play Tabla from PiggyRide Tabla video tutorials for beginners, kids will get unmatched advantages such as explained below. 

  1. Kids can get started with their Indian classical music training. 
  2. Improves fine motor skills.
  3. Increases concentration and discipline. 
  4. Invokes a sheer sense of music. 
  5. Relaxed mind. 

Tabla can easily be mastered by your little one when he/she will learn from the best online learning resources. Knowing the nitty-gritty details of Hindustani music to significant tabla concepts like the correct position of Tabla, ragas, musical therapy, and more will boost your kid's confidence to a great extent. Considering the above-mentioned benefits of learning Tabla, PiggyRide is here with a great range of online video tutorials. 

Why Choose Our Tabla Video Tutorials? 

Before choosing these Tabla video training tutorials for kids, let's find out why it is worthy enough for your kid to try. 

1. Verified and top-rated teachers & trainers.
2. Wide spectrum of tutorials.
3. Easy to follow demonstrations.
4. Basic to advanced sessions.
5. Unique curriculums.

Bring the true beauty of classical music to your kid's life with these engaging online video tutorials and get an extraordinary learning experience. Infuse illumination ragas into your child's young mind.  So kids are you ready to play Tabla? Get, Set and Play!