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Does your child come up with different interests every day? Well, it’s quite common in growing up children, they have curiosity to learn anything and everything new they come across.Did your little one show interest in learning Odissi dance recently? Yes? That’s why you’re here.Children cannot learn everything at once, mainly because of time concerns and other priorities. But, once they learn the basics, they will figure out whether or not they want to continue learning the particular skill or art form or not.
So, here at PiggyRide we have come up with a solution. Here is a basic odissi dance tutorial for your little one to help them find their interest in odissi dance. If they are still interested to learn, you can enroll them for a complete course.In this odissi dance video tutorial, our trainer has managed to cover all the important basic odissi dance steps. In this session, our odissi dance trainer will:
Demonstrate the basic dance techniques and movements including the variety of vocabularies under the dance form teaches about the cultural sensitivity required when learning the dance form which holds a religious significance of culture. Creating, Presenting & Performing.  Sounds interesting? Well, Let’s know and understand the history of Odissi dance, Gestures, themes, techniques, etc. Odissi is believed to be one of the oldest forms of Indian dance with evidence from various sculptural evidences. Temples have always been the cultural life in the state of Odisha, therefore Odissi dance has always been closely connected to the roots of Odisha.

Odissi dance exhibits the signs of Tantrism, Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Buddhism, etc. In Natyashastra it is referred as Odhra Magadha, it’s differentiated from the other Indian dance forms as it emphasizes more on tribhangi, an independent movement of the head, chest, etc.

Hand Gestures in Odissi Dance: Hand gestures are an integral part of Odissi dance. It is said that Odissi use the, to tell the divine stories of Humans, Animals, and also Gods & goddesses. Every hand gesture has different significance, for instance,when soft and smooth, hand gestures have the power to convey an abstruse meaning of the intricate relationship of our body being the universe invoking the sentiments and elements in the spectator. Do you know there are some amazing health benefits of Odissi dance? Yes, being physically active is always beneficial but odissi dance has some particular health benefits.
Let us take you through it:

Practicing mudras can bring flexibility to your wrist and fingers.Holding mudras particularly for any specific health issues for a few minutes can open the nerve and energy channelsMudras not only affect your physical well being but also help reduce mental and emotional stress and blockages.Mudras are suitable for everyone irrespective of their age or gender. They are sometimes challenging to perform but always fun to practice. It helps stimulate the brain’s coordination, concentration and overall well being. 
Let’s know the theme & techniques of Odissi.

Odissi has derived the theme from “Geetha Govind”. Its dependence on Geetha Govind has enhanced its popularity and made it possible to be accepted by the masses. Devotional songs are used while portraying the bhava, it brings out the tones of the Shrinagar Rasa. The themes revolve around Lord Krishna, one of the most widely and commonly Odissi dance themes is “Ashtapadi of Jayadeva”. It centers on devotion & spirituality.

Let’s know the Odissi Dance Techniques: Odissi dance basically follows all the basic rules of Natyashastra and Silpashashra.  The essence of Odissi dance lies in its sculptural quality. Its beautiful poses resemble the sculptures of the famous temples, which once nourished this art. This dance form lays emphasis on sensitive facial expression. It has similar foot reflection as Bhatarnatyam and hip deflection is the characteristic feature

Odissi dance is one of the most deeply rooted dance forms. Enroll your child & help them get connected to the roots.