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According to several researchers, it is found that children learn things at a faster pace in comparison to when they grow older. Some children are often interested in learning new languages, and german is one of them. If your child shows interest in learning german then don’t stop them. Start now. Here we are to assist you to learn through our German language tutorial.
These german language tutorials will help children understand the basics and it will make it easier for them to decide if they would like to continue learning further. Are you wondering, When there are so many languages around the world then why german?
German is the second most commonly used scientific language. Learning german will help children broaden their horizons. German is spoken mainly in European Union, it is the world's largest and strongest economy. 
Let us tell you some more facts about the German Language.

Few interesting facts about the German language:

We know and understand there are multiple questions around the german languages, like “What is standard german? What do false friends have to do with the german language? Is german easy to learn? And a lot more. In this segment, we’ll answer all your questions.

German’s Usage

German is spoken among more than 120 million people across Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium. France, Italy, etc. It’s a key language in the European Union and the new economies of central and eastern europe. German is in great demand across the globe. 

German is one of the ten most popular languages in the world. 

German’s Vocabulary
One of the most interesting and least known facts about german is, it contains eight times more words than English language. The German language consists of over 5.3 million words.

False friends in German
False friends are basically a pair of words from two languages, which notably have different meanings of the words despite the fact that they are spelled and pronounced similarly. 
For instance, the word still In English this word means: However or nevertheless
In german it means: to be silent
About Standard German
When people plan to enroll their children for german language they often ask about standard german, what is standard german or whether we will be teaching it?
Let’s first understand, What is standard german.
Standard German is basically a mixture of middle german and upper german. Most Australian dialects are based on it. 
Materials Required for German Class:

What is the right age to start learning German?

We firmly believe there’s nothing like the right age to start learning a new language. The earlier the better. Once you feel your child is proficient with their first language which can be English, Hindi or any regional language, you can enroll them in the german language course.

There are children who start at the age of 5 and also at 11.
Make sure your child is equally keen to learn. It will make learning easy.
We brought this german language tutorial online to make decision-making easy for you.