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Violin is also known as the fiddle is a wooden musical instrument with strings from the violin, it has a hollow wooden body. It is one of the smallest yet highest-pitched instruments in the family of regular use. Violin has over 4 strings usually tunes in the perfect fifth with notes G3, A4, D4, E5. It is typically played by drawing a bow across its strings.
Can I learn the violin online?

Yes, you can learn violin online especially considering the current situation. It is better to stay home, stay safe and learn online, You can choose to go for one on one online violin tutors or group sessions. Make sure you’re choosing to learn from an expert.

How hard is it to learn Violin?

Okay, don’t be scared with the answer. Yes, the violin is one of the most difficult instruments to learn. It comes with its own set of challenges and complexities since the violin is one of the most complex and sensitive instruments. So, learning violin requires patience and a high level of dedication to learn Violin. 

Is violin harder than guitar?

Yes, if you’re comparing guitar with violin then we just want to say, “Don’t compare apples with oranges”, these are two completely different instruments. And yes, the violin is one of the toughest musical instruments to learn, and yes it is harder than the guitar. The guitar can be self-learned, whereas you need guidance to learn the violin.

How to play Violin?

Here is basic guidance and process on learning how to play the violin. Let’s start with the basic and first element involved in playing a violin. First, you need to make sure you’re holding the instrument right. The right way to hold a violin is, hold the violin between the chin and shoulder and stabilizer it there. You can even choose to have a chinrest to make sure you’re comfortable by playing the violin. The violin needs to be held between chest and shoulder.

It’s not only about holding the violin but also the bow. The bow is to be held in the right hand, make sure not to squeeze it tightly. The way you hold your bow and move it determines the tone, volume, length, and volume of the note. Now comes the left hand, you need to use this hand to lightly hold your violin by pressing down the four fingers. 

How should I learn to play the violin?

Buy a violin, because yes you need to have a physical violin to learn it and enroll in an online class. You can start your initial journey with free violin tutorial for beginners videos available on the internet and portals. There are plenty of violin song tutorials freely available on the internet.