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Online Drum Tutorial Videos | Learn Drum Online

When we talk about learning to drum, we start with learning the fundamentals. Drumming fundamentals are a cumulative list, starting with how you grip your stick and the stroke technique, and a lot more. One of the basic things in drumming is knowing and mastering the art of holding sticks. 

Important elements of Drumming:

The Drums
Drums are the basic and most important element of drumming. Make sure the drums you are using should have the shells and rims in good shape to make sure they sound well. Consider adding new heads on them and tune the drum as you desire..
The most important element is drumsticks. Make sure you’re using the set of correct drum sticks, in case you choose any other type of drum sticks you will lack balance, it is highly recommended to have a new set of drum sticks when you start learning. Different applications of drum sticks can be included in playing between snare drums and drum sets. Usually, snare drum sticks have a round tip to produce precise attacks on the drum and tend to be thicker than drum sticks set. Drum set sticks attempt to accommodate the needs of the cymbal. It provides more surface to attack.
There are many other important elements to drumming.

Learning Drum Online

Yes, you can learn drums online through various free video tutorials and even go for one on one or group sessions. Drumming helps physical and mental growth. It helps in healing, boosts immunity, assists in dealing with emotional trauma. Drumming has a positive impact on anxiety and fatigue as well.  You can self-learn drums, but it is always good to have a guide and mentor to fasten up the learning process. There are certain technicalities involved in the process of learning drums 

Strokes In Drumming

Strokes are basically the process that helps in generating sound effects through drumming. There are multiple types of strokes in drumming, one which is commonly talked about is, Rebound stroke. Rebound strokes are great for building up speed, specially helps drummers to focus on relaxation, the economy of motion, accuracy, and a lot more. 

Essential Tips to Teach Yourself Drums

Set a Practice Routine, Learning Drum Fills, Learn the Drum Rudiments, Get a Metronome to Stay in Time, Learning Basic Drum Beats, Learn Drum’s theory, Protect hearing, Learn drum notation, etc.