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Coding Tutorial | Learn Coding Online in an Hour
Basically, coding is a language. It can help you create instructions for the computer using several programming languages. Computer coding is not only limited to the computer system but also building and managing apps and websites. Most apps and websites we interact every day with are coded, and their codes and frequently updated,

How learning coding can benefit children?

We cannot deny the fact that we live in a technocrat world, it is highly important to be technically literate in this era. If your child is interested in learning to code and in technology then why are you waiting for them to pass out school and then follow their interest. Times are changing and times are running out. So stop thinking and remember, children, learn better while growing and at a tender age. Prepare them for the future and get them future-ready. Coding helps children in many ways including maths, writing, confidence, and most importantly communication.

Language strengthens both verbal and written communication. It teaches children to communicate efficiently. When children are exposed to learning coding at a young age there are chances they will learn it better and keep upgrading themselves with the ever-developing technology. In coding, every word, every alphabet has a special formula consisting of 0’s and 1’s which represent the coding language. These 0’s and 1’s aren’t ordinary, they instruct and direct the world around us on “How to perform?”. What can be better for your children than to know how the technological world around them is functioning? 

How do I start learning to code?

Yes, oh wait are you thinking, “But, I am not a computer science graduate?”, “But, I am not a technical person?”, “I am too old to learn to code” or “I am too young”. Nothing can be more confusing than this. We understand, we hear these questions and concerns almost every day. So let us clear your doubt, you don’t need any technical background or any degree all you need is, curiosity to learn. From free online tutorials to plenty of paid and free courses you can learn from anywhere that best suits you.

Can I learn to code for free?

Yes, you don’t need money to learn to code. There are plenty of data available on the internet to learn from and in my formats. Choose the type of format you want which can be textual, audio, or video series. We would recommend choosing to go for video tutorials. There are plenty available on the internet.
Can I learn coding online?

Yes, you can learn coding online without any hassle.

What is coding used for?

Primarily, coding is used for communicating with a computer. It is a language to give computer instructions. 

What are the prerequisites of learning to code?
A pen/pencil, notebook, a computer, and yes a lot of curiosity.