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Zumba is basically a fitness program that combines dance moves and music together which makes exercise fun. Zumba’s routines incorporate alternate fasting, slow and fast rhythms, interval training, etc. It is an aerobic exercise that can count toward the amount of aerobic activity recommended for most healthy adults and children.

Zumba helps to improve cardiovascular fitness. It can help reduce the health risks, maintain body flexibility, boost mood, have an impact on mental health, help maintain healthy body weight, and a lot more. There is nothing like perfect exercise, you can choose what suits you the best. Children nowadays barely have any physical activity to do, especially considering the online classes. And when you tell them to get up and exercise they dislike it. Zumba is the best way to make them less finicky about exercising as it’s fun!

Why Choose Zumba

Apart from all the health benefits, Zumba is the least boring exercise. It works like an exercise but feels like exercise. It’s fun. You don’t need a lot of patience to perform Zumba. All you need is your favorite playlist and a comfortable outfit. 

How Zumba is Beneficial for Children's Health

Zumba is an absolutely versatile and fun whole-body workout. Who doesn’t like to groove on their favorite music? It helps burn calories, improves blood circulation, improves body flexibility, helps in coordination and endurance without even realizing the fact that it's a workout. You can choose to play any music from American, Hip-Hop, Latin, Modern Beats, Bollywood, well in India Zumba is usually done on Bhangra Music with a desi tadka, isn’t it amazing? Zumba is a workout that is popular among almost all age groups because of its ease. Zumba for kids is an emerging trend because of its entertaining and fit lifestyle element.  

Because of the deskbound lifestyle, maintaining physical activities for children has become a big challenge. For their better future and growth, it is highly essential to have physical activities, Zumba is the perfect exercise for them because it helps them jump, dance, shake, swing, move freely and involve the whole body in the activity.  Are you worried that Zumba can be intense for children? No, Zumba sessions are modified for children considering many crucial factors like their age, routine, diet, health conditions, and many other factors. Zumba helps children learn self-confidence and most importantly coordination.

There are lots of benefits of zumba for children, some of them are mentioned below: 

  1. Easy to follow moves
  2. Full body workout
  3. Perfect stress reliever
  4. Boost mood
  5. Improves memory
  6. Its social and fun activity
  7. Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem
  8. Good for mental health
  9. Calorie and fat burning in an easy and fun way
  10. Excellent cardio-workout
  11. Increases flexibility
  12. Improves neuromuscular coordination
  13. Encourages teamwork
  14. Develops imagination and creativity
  15. Helps children make new buddies (Online for now)

On average, an hour of Zumba helps in burning 300-400 calories for children which is approximately similar to around 50 minutes of cycling or about 72 minutes of walking.
Prerequisites of Performing Zumba:

Healthy eating habits can enhance benefits for Zumba. There is nothing such as a perfect pre-zumba meal, but to keep children energetic during the sessions it is highly recommended to give them Fruits, Roll, Rajgeera Laddo, Dry fruits, Nuts, Jaggery Roll, Thalipeeth, Multigrain bread, A Glass of milk, etc.

Post zumba you can give them a protein rich diet which can be boiled eggs, mixed sprouts, moong daal, roasted chana, boiled sprouts, etc.