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Coffee Painting For Beginners | Coffee Painting Tutorial

If you're here then I am sure you know you can make beautiful art pieces using your favourite drink “Coffee”. Coffee is one of the most interesting mediums to create beautiful paintings, especially monochromatic paintings. They are known as “Coffee Painting Art” Coffee painting is created by adding instant coffee to water. Varying the tones, the water proportions are added differently. All you need is a set of brushes, coffee, a glass of water, paper and creativity to create your own aromatic work of art.

Difference between coffee painting & regular painting

There is no huge difference between coffee painting & regular painting. Except for the fact that it's done quite more smoothly then the regular painting. All you need is coffee and a brush even to create various shades. For regular painting, you need a lot more. Coffee painting designs are quite more artistic.

How do beginners start with coffee painting

Like every art, even coffee art needs some beginning lessons specially for the ones who have not been artistic earlier. Although, coffee art is not very difficult but it also needs some tips and tricks to get that masterpiece. 
Coffee art is getting a lot of fame and it got a huge hype especially during lockdown, because of the minimum material requirement.
When you get started, start with inspiration. If you look around there won’t be any shortage of inspiration. In case, you don’t find anything around in your surroundings then you can surely go for finding inspiration on the internet. You can simply google or scroll through instagram. Before starting, we must know what exactly we are expecting out of it.  
Watch some coffee painting videos, coffee painting tutorials for better understanding. 

Basic Coffee Painting Techniques

The basic and one of the most important techniques for coffee painting is knowing how to create various shades. That’s why we brought you some amazing and detailed Coffee painting tutorial videos to enhance your knowledge on the basic coffee techniques segment.

Creating the correct mix can be challenging for the first-timers. You have to start with mixing coffee and water in the mixing tray. Depending upon the shade you want, you need to keep adding water. If you want a lighter shade then you need to add more proportion of water. 

Generally, only 3 shades are used. 

Prerequisites for Coffee Painting

Generally, you don’t need a lot but here are the few things you require to start coffee painting:
Coffee Powder (Any coffee powder will do)

  1. Brushes
  2. Mixing Plate
  3. Pencil
  4. Eraser
  5. Tape (For masking)
  6. Scrap Paper
  7. Watercolour Paper
  8. Paper Napkin
  9. Water
  10. Rag
  11. Glass

Keep all the materials ready before you start.
Let’s Coffee Paint!
Take your watercolour paper and stick it to the table with masking tape and watch our coffee painting tutorial video.