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 Acting and drama were often considered “Trash” until one point mainly because people were unaware of the benefits it can bring for children. Acting and drama games allow children to express a range of emotions and also motivate them to understand and deal with similar feelings which they may be experiencing. With acting and drama, aggression and tension are released in a much safe and controlled environment. It often allows for a period of reflection afterward.

Importance of acting & drama in Children’s growth and development?

Drama is a perfect tool for preparing students or growing up children to work and live in a world that is increasingly becoming team-oriented. It helps them become more of a team person than self-oriented. The drama also helps children to be empathetic and tolerant because in order to play a role a character must be able to fully inhabit the other soul. Let’s understand the importance of Acting. Oh wait, didn’t we just talked about “Drama”. Aren’t acting and drama are the same things? Are you wondering this?

Okay, let us help you understand Acting and Drama are different, acting serves countless purposes including helping to improve visualization power, imagination, communication, and presentation skills. It helps to portray various emotions without any hesitation. Whereas drama teaches us teamwork and coordination. Acting & Drama can improve life as a child here’s how; Drama & acting helps to build confidence, language, and communication skills encourage cooperation, supports numeracy skills, emotional development, physical and psychological development. Acting helps children learn many wonderful things like storytelling, learn role play. Roleplay helps to expand thinking capabilities and improve the ability to think more creatively and have problem-solving skills. Drama is one of the great sources of entertainment in society. Entertainment in any form is the first and foremost function of drama. Theatre helps us develop in many ways. It helps to improve our sense of aesthetics and ability to understand people and life situations more deeply.

Good elements about acting & drama

One of the greatest human traits is empathy and drama helps us develop empathy. Drama helps us understand the character’s roles, subtext, differences and relate better with situations. It also helps us develop a better perception without any judgment. There are multiple types of dramas and mainly categorized into four types: Tragicomedy, Melodrama, Tragedy, and Comedy.
Learn acting and drama online

Yes, we can learn acting and drama online. There are free online tutorials available and also we can choose to opt for classes that can either be one on one or group learning sessions. You can choose the online learning medium considering your own comfort.