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Online Phonics Video Tutorials For Kids- All About Alphabets & Sounds!

Learning Phonics is a crucial part of teaching English to small ones. Now the question arises: what are Phonics? It is a modern reading method where learners first learn the sounds (known as phonemes) that one or more letters make together when read aloud. In the English language, there are a total of 44 types of sounds or Phonics. Let us dig deeper and analyze the key benefits of learning Phonics for children. It is a visual delight for a parent to see their kid learn and grow each day. Kids start learning the English language at an early stage of education due to its broad scope.

Considering the high demand of phonics tutorials for kids, PiggyRide has brought a great series of online phonics video tutorials. Phonics builds a strong basic foundation for learning new words. It expands a kid's existing vocabulary and helps a kid gain confidence in English. Sounds are taught from easiest to toughest so that a learner can learn progressively. Phonics aids little ones to recognize the whole English word in one go, which eventually increases their reading speed. Reading also becomes more fluid and faster. 

Reading long paragraphs in English seems like rocket science to kids before learning phonics. But after becoming familiar with phonemes, a kid's reading comprehension skills will improve to a great extent. Systematic phonics instruction is the backbone of early literacy education. Apart from reading, writing skills also improve due to enhanced familiarity with words. Let’s take a quick look at the major benefits of learning phonics for kids.

Major Benefits of Learning Phonics For Kids

It improves reading comprehension as well as writing skills.
Motivates kids to read text fluently.
Make kids better spellers.
It enhances a kid’s existing vocabulary.
Makes unfamiliar words easier to understand.

The phonics system is used to teach children to read and develop thinking skills. In this way, after learning phonics, a kid can easily decode unfamiliar words. It is possible because Phonics cancels out the need to remember only sight words. Once a kid masters all the phonograms, even a kindergarten student can decode all the words he encounters.  

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2. Wide spectrum of video tutorials.
3. Easy-to-follow demonstrations.
4. Basic to advanced tutorials.
5. Unique curriculums.
PiggyRide brought the widest range of phonics learning videos for kids. Phonics benefits a kid during English language training for preschoolers in many ways. Don’t miss out on these lovely tutorials. Grab a phonics video tutorial for beginners for your child now!