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Hi! myself Saikishore ,completed my piano grades under Trinity College of London and also well versed in Carnatic and Hindustani music. I've great passion towards teaching music and I'm looking forward to share each of my teaching experience with all of my students. I will also be sending students to grade exams conducted by Trinity College of London based on their interest. I have excellent track record improving students piano skill. I have also performed in 600 plus concerts around the globe with many legendary musicians and have been a part of many musical bands from South like Madras music factory , Sivamani and band( World percussionist),Mandolin U Rajesh , Srinivas Singer(Singer) ,SP Balasubramanian(Singer) and so on. So I can also provide specific detailed experiences that we share on the live stages and the challenges we face during a live Concert. I am now currently working as a music producer for Bollywood ,Kollywood movies under music directors like Sivamani , Bagiyaraj(Director ),GV Prakash , A R Rahman. I have produced and programmed music for quite films and also have my own label”Saikishore” were I have released my own Single tracks and still working on it. I m really excited and looking forward to work.Have a great day!

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