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Interactive Classrooms, a revolutionary new offering from BIPS, empowers the school to cope with the challenges of the future by increasing the impact of the teaching-learning process by making learning a more meaningful experience for the children. The solution facilitates the integration of technology into the teaching-learning process. It equips us to offer technology enabled teaching-learning that effectively disseminates knowledge in a manner that is easier and far more interesting to comprehend than those adopted by conventional instructional methodologies.

Interactive Classrooms has been specifically designed to facilitate the implementation of NCF guidelines. It is an innovatively designed teaching-learning solution that empowers all stake-holders thereby making teaching & learning a more rewarding and fulfilling experience. It makes learning more interesting for students by facilitating the construction of knowledge in a manner that is far more relevant and engaging than that adopted by conventional instructional methodologies.


The activity room is where the children can come in small groups and experience activities, interaction and any other planned activities. Here in we have games, arts/crafts and story sacks. We feel its very important for children to experience small group work as well as individual and large group work, so this quiet extension gives the children every opportunity. The activity room is, where the children can come in small groups and experience activities, interaction and any other planned activities. We have games, arts/crafts and story sacks. We feel it’s very important for children to experience small group work as well as individual and large group work, so this quiet extension gives the children every opportunity.


Our libraries are the envy of all. They are extensive, exhaustive and boasts of the latest titles to suit reference needs. Each of these have more than ten thousand books. In addition, all the leading journals and newspapers are available to bring them up-to-date with the latest information and trends. A large, well-planned reading room helps them jot down necessary reference details.

We aim to promote the enjoyment of reading, and to provide curriculum support. It is equipped with a computerized database enabling the students to have access to the necessary books quickly. Students are encouraged to cultivate good reading habits and use the library as an important centre for learning.

No educational institution is complete without a good, well stocked library, nor can education be complete without inculcating healthy reading habits. The school has a well stocked, spacious, well lit and ventilated library which houses books on varied subjects. We understand that children have their individual preferences when it comes to reading. Titles range from Reference to subject related. From Philosophy to Religion, Arts and Recreation to English literature and Fiction, from Biographies to Adventure, Hindi literature and fiction. The library also subscribes to over two dozen magazine and journals. The library remains open on working days till early evening.

The library has its independent computer section and will shortly go in for computer automation. The library contains extensive collection of books, journals, audio-video CDs and DVDs, latest periodicals and journals.


1. All pupils of the school are members of the Library.

2. Strict discipline and silence is to be observed in the Library and reading room.

3. Students of Grade VI to X can borrow one book at a time.

4. Library books can be issued and returned during library period of the grade only and not in any teaching period

. 5. Library books should be properly looked after and deposited on the due date.

6. Marking, underlining, cutting and erasing or dog – airing pages of the books are strictly prohibited and liable to be punished if any such damage to library books is detected by the Librarian.

7. The Librarian may recall a book, at any time in any case of urgency.

8. Library Books are to be deposited at least one week before leaving the station or any break, and one month before any vacation.

9. No Dues certificate for each pupil is to be obtained from the Librarian while withdrawing any student from the school.



Our Institute is endowed with a beautiful swimming pool of 25 metre length. It caters to the students, faculty, and other residents of the campus.

There are 2 swimming pool and is divided into three parts. There is a very shallow pool for the tiny tots. There is a wading pool for the learners. A deeper pool with a maximum depth of 8 feet is available for the more experienced swimmers and to those who train for competitions.

Swimming is the best exercise possible,in that it is not just an enjoyable recreational activity but it is an essential life skill that can save your life and others life. We can get both mental and physical relaxation at the same time. When we swim our body works from top to toe. Our coaches and our life guard will be available always.


The school has large playing fields and our students have the opportunity to play a range of sports — cricket, football, athletics, tennis and Horse-riding activity is on the anvil. A modern gym and a swimming pool provide additional physical activity. To bring out the child’s maximum potential, we have professional coaches for all sports.


The Indoor Sports room provides a healthy, professionally managed and maintained environment where the school children can enjoy playing social sport all year round. Its Multisports is a modern, purpose-built indoor sports center considered one of the best in bangalore. Impressive facilities, professional, friendly staff, and well-organized competitions ensure an ideal social and sporting environment.


The newest facility added to the BIPS, the basketball court are the perfect outdoor facility to play basketball. basketball has developed to involve many common techniques of shooting, passing and dribbling, as well as players’ positions, and offensive and defensive structures. When you step out on the court, be ready to play.



Math Lab is one of the latest innovative offerings, from BIPS. These labs are aimed at enabling school students to learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems using technology tools. It offers Multiple Teaching and Learning Aids comprising of Technology Applications, Videos, Manipulative, Measuring Instruments, Tables and Charts, to schools based on the three pillars of ‘Imagination, Investigation and Interaction’. It provides an opportunity to students to understand, internalize, discover and verify the basic mathematical and geometrical concepts through concrete objects and situations, thus building interest and confidence in students learning the subject. The laboratory also allows and encourages the students to think, discuss amongst themselves as well as with the teacher, and assimilate concepts.


This chemistry lab manual is designed to use consumer products for student chemistry experiments. The students should be required to shop for many of the reagents. They will need to carefully read the labels of the products. They will develop greater understanding with experience. As they develop the good habit of reading the fine print on the ingredients portion of the label, they will be more confident of their ability to make informed intelligent choices.

Safety: All standard chemistry lab safety procedures must be strictly followed. The instructor must carefully check the labels on all the products used in the labs. The formula of a product and the chemicals used in a product can be changed by the manufacturer at any time.


Physics is a very broad subject, because there are different kinds of physics, such as quantum physics, which concerns itself with physics on the sub-atomic, atomic, molecular and optical levels. There is condensed matter physics, which deals with how solids and liquids behave. Astrophysics is the branch of physics that deals with the universe, and applied physics, is a general term that deals with magnetic fields and technology. As you become comfortable working in your high school physics lab, you will learn a little bit of all areas of physics.


There are many benefits in having great lesson plans in high school life science classes. Biology can be many students favorite high school class. By the time students have reached high school; many students have already developed their preferred learning styles. Students learn faster and retain more when the educational curriculum matches their preferred learning styles. When students are more interested and earn better grades, they may start feeling successful in high school. Students self esteem increases when they feel they are truly learning. Our student-teacher relationship improves when students are successful and participating on assignments. 


Our Computer Lab. provides Hi-Tech IT facilities to students to surf internet, research information or check e-mail at their own email address. The school has a new curriculum for the computer education from class 1 to 8 apart from ICSE curriculum in Computer Application. In class 9 and 10 i.e, Java on bluej environment.

The Lab. Is designed for computer aided learning equipped with LCD projector and Over-Head-Projector. Students can surf internet to find materials related to various subjects.

We have a seprate computer lab for “NIIT mittu” which specially designed for teaching computers to nursery children.

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