Warli Art Classes

Delve yourself into the world of tribal art and Learn Warli Art with Manya Jain. Master this oldest form of Indian folk art by going through online classes.... Read more

Warli Art Classes


Warli Art is characterized by the tribal art form including small triangles and ancient figures. Such paintings are commonly found in ancient books, caves, and monuments. Dwell into the amazing experience of Warli art and also get trained on maintaining your art tools. The classes will cover:

  • Learning basics of Warli art and figures (humans, trees, birds, animals, houses)
  • Composing and creating artwork based on the basics learned
  • Learning to bring a new touch to the traditional art (Mordern Warli Art)
  • Learning how to compose warli alaphabet and more fun and interesting artwork in warli
  • Understanding the beauty of Traditional Warli art
  • Learning the concepts of Advance Warli Art (creating spiral warli art work)