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Chess Workshop - Increase Your Kid's Mind Power!

Does your kid want to explore how all the Chess pieces move or how to set up a board, or what is the next step? Then this Online Chess Workshop tutored by Satyam Prakash is perfectly suited for your little ones. ... Read more

Chess Workshop - Increase Your Kid's Mind Power!

About the Workshop

Is your kid completely new to the game of Chess and doesn't even know how the Chess pieces move? This Online Chess Workshop is the right answer for kids who are willing to learn the basics and all other tips & tricks needed for the beginner during the initial stage.

With the guidance of Satyam Prakash, kids will comprehend the basic moves, structure of chess, and how to set up the board, etc., in this Online Chess Workshop. Not only that, your little ones will strengthen their mental capability and sharpen their flexible moves & agility to gain the desired result.

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