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Hindi Handwriting Improvement by Nivedita Wadekar

Improve your Hindi Handwriting and develop confidence & self-esteem. Writing beautiful with hands has its own benefits, so the art of writing should never be neglected in students.... Read more

Hindi Handwriting Improvement by Nivedita Wadekar


The Hindi handwriting classes will focus on practicing writing all Vowels Section and Consonants Section. 

The specific shape of letters, e.g. their roundness or sharpness, Regular or irregular spacing between letters, the Slope of the letters, Rhythmic repetition of the elements, or arrhythmia, Pressure to the paper will be covered in the course duration.

The classes also include writing preparation, Pen handling, Paper Handling, and Pad Handling, and all writing principles and will be conducted each day of the month.

Hindi is a beautiful language and keeps students to remain touched it the roots of the culture.

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