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Bharatanatyam classes by Shivya Raveendran V

Learn Bharatanatyam at Natyaveda school of dance and give a platform to yourself to learn with professional Bharatanatyam dance trainer. The classes need immense dedication and passion for bringing out the best poses, expressions, and postures.... Read more


Bharatanatyam is an ancient classical dance style, mostly performed in southern India. Bharatnatyam dance classes include nritta (pure dance), nritya (solo expressive dance), and Natya (group dramatic dance) as per your feasibility.

This form of classical dance needs a lot of practice and perfect training to attain different poses, expressions, and postures. The Bharatanatyam taught by Shivya Raveendran, the trained classical dancer helps students to maintain balance to perform movements called karanas. 

Shivya Raveendran believes it the poses, postures, expression, and grace that make one fall immensely in love with this dance form. The classes will be personalized based on the level of knowledge that students hold.

The Course has monthly 8 Classes, Twice in a week. 

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Shivya Raveendran V, the professional dancer classical holds a degree of BA in Mohiniyattam and M.A Bharatanatyam with 5+ Years of experience in teaching dance to the classical dance enthusiasts. She has trained numerous students in her career span and believes that classical dance keeps one touched and rooted in the rich cultural diversity of our country.


Kids need to carry course related Materials. Any future requirements will be guided by the tutor afterward.

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Classes will be conducted online on Zoom/Google meet/WhatsApp/PiggyRide depending on the number of participants.
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