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Keyboard Workshop- Create Magic With Fingers!

Ascend Music School brings fun and rewarding keyboard workshop for kids. This keyboard workshop will be super-engaging for kids and will provide a solid foundation for them to master more difficult concepts in the future. So get ready to let your kids explore the fundamentals of the keyboard. Enroll now!... Read more

Keyboard Workshop- Create Magic With Fingers!

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About the Workshop

Learn to play a keyboard in a super-friendly and supportive environment with this online keyboard workshop specially designed for young learners to expand their musical horizons. Do you know that learning to play an instrument can help children enhance their IQ? 

Learning and playing a keyboard is a phenomenal brain workout for the areas of the brain that are actively involved in math, spatial intelligence, and other cognitive activities. It also helps kids express their ideas, emotions, and feelings through their self-composed music. In this workshop, kids will be exploring the keyboard and the correct postures, musical theory, technical exercises, reading sheets, chord symbols, chords, inversions, and scales in various keys. 

Starting to play an instrument teaches children a range of skills and abilities, and the keyboard is one of the easiest for beginners to learn. The tutor will ensure that the children have a good time while learning to play the keyboard proficiently. Give our child the valuable experience of learning to compose songs. 

So, Hurry up & Enroll Now!