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Kalaripayattu for Kids

Kalaripayattu for Kids - The Yogic Martial Art classes aims to increase the stamina levels of children with the range of benefits that it offers to the body and mind. The classes will help children to learn kalarippayattu also known as the mother of martial arts.... Read more

Kalaripayattu for Kids

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The Kalarippayattu is all about boosting energy for the Martial art that is inspired from similar to that of the majestic animal's Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Wild Boar, Snake, and Crocodile. Training in Kalaripayattu is divided into four stages and each student will be trained around the same.

1) Maithari (Body Control Exercise) – Kalaripayattu training begins with disciplining the physical body and attaining a mental balance. This first stage of training consists of physical exercises to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina. It includes jumps, low stances on the floor, circular sequences, kicks, etc. 

2) Kolthari (Practise of Wooden Weapons) – This phase will proceed by letting students use wooden weapons. Here is the practice of fight with Kettukari (long staff), cheruvadi/Muchan (short staff), and Otta (Curved stick).

3) Ankathari (Practise of Metal Weapons) – This phase will proceed to train students with metal weapons, which demands superior concentration due to their lethal nature. The metal weapons taught are the Kadara (dagger), Udaval (fencing sword), Valum Parichayum (Sword & Shield). Highly skilled students are then trained with Urumi (flexible sword).

4) Verumkai (Barehanded Techniques) – Once the student is mastered in all the weapons, he/she is taught to defend with barehanded techniques. The practice here involves defending knife attacks, arm locks, counter strikes to vital points, etc.

Hurry Up and give your child the gift of self-defense for strength and confidence.

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