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Hip-Hop Workshop -Movement, Improvisation & Fitness!

Learn the basic Hip-Hop grooves to some amazing upbeat music with this online Hip-Hop Dance Workshop brought to you by Suraj Yadav Dance Class. ... Read more

Hip-Hop Workshop -Movement, Improvisation & Fitness!

About the workshop

Do you have a child who enjoys freestyle Hip-Hop dancing? PiggyRide has you wrapped! We offer an online Hip-Hop Workshop by Suraj Yadav Dance Classes. Little ones will enjoy a wonderful mind-body workout while also improving their rhythm, distinctive flair, and articulation. When a child learns Hip-Hop Dance moves, they expand their freedom of expression and their capacity to channel their energy into creativity.

This dancing form is regarded as highly expressive and innovative. It also gives students communication skills by allowing them to express themselves through gestures, facial expressions, and freestyle moves. In this workshop, kids will learn about the basics of Hip-Hop moves, smooth footwork, hand movements, and expressions. It's going to be a fun & engaging workshop.

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