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Guitar Master Classes  - 6 Months  + Free Guitar
Guitar Master Classes - 6 Months + Free Guitar

Get ready to enroll your kid in Guitar Master Classes -6 Months Course & make them pro with guitar playing skills. Let's rock it.... Read more


Get ready to explore Guitar Master-classes -6 months course with Piggyride & watch them growing as rockstars. No prior knowledge is required to enroll in the classes. The best deal about PiggyRide Master Classes is that you will get a Guitar absolutely Free.

The Guitar Master-class will help kids to master the guitar playing skills and also impart learning tactics for improving voice notes while playing the guitar. Playing Guitar will help them to boost their musical skills and make them confident. The course will enhance a sense of fulfillment by creating music-related goals, such as mastering their favorite guitar songs while playing Guitar. So Boost your multitasking skills with these wonderful Guitar Master Classes - 6 Months Course.

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  • Class 1 - Correct posture (Holding the guitar and plectrum) and Introduction to guitar parts and Open string notes.
  • Class 2 - Open string exercises for the right hand and Basic chromatic exercises for the left hand.
  • Class 3 -More chromatic exercises using alternate picking.
  • Class 4 -Introduction to the notes on the guitar and tuning procedures.
  • Class 5 -Pre-chord exercises.
  • Class 6 - Tunes/Tabs of songs in C major scale.
  • Class 7 -Revision of all the above lessons, practice, and Q&A session
  • Class 8 - Open position C major scale with different picking patterns.
  • Class 9 - Introduction to chords.
  • Class 10 - Basic chord progressions and strumming.
  • Class 11 -Counting the beats along with strumming.
  • Class 12 - Playing along with the metronome.
  • Class 13 -Revision of all the above lessons, practice, and Q&A session
  • Class 14 -Learning easy songs using chords.
  • Class 15 -Different strumming patterns and how you can create your own strumming patterns.
  • Class 16- Tips on how to sing along while strumming.
  • Class 17 -Major scale theory (How scales are formed)
  • Class 18 -Few scale shapes (not using open strings)
  • Class 19 -Playing different scales using one shape.
  • Class 20 -Revision of all the above lessons, practice, and Q&A session
  • Class 21 -Arpeggios of popular songs to learn right-hand picking patterns.
  • Class 22 -Minor scale theory.
  • Class 23 - A few Minor scale shapes.
  • Class 24 -Final Revision of all the above lessons, practice, and Q&A session
  • Builds confidence
  • Sharpens concentration skills
  • Increases memory capacity
  • Aids children's development. 
  • Improves your time management

Who this Course is for:

Beginners & Intermediates



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"Zoom/Hangout Meeting link will be shared 1 hour prior to the class".
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It covered all the important concepts of learning guitar. Overall a nice guitar course. ... Read more
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