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Garba Dance Lessons For Navratri Lovers

Join these tantalizing online Garba lessons for kids by Navratri Dodhiya Class and let your little child get trained in this amazing dance form by a professional dance trainer. ... Read more

Garba Dance Lessons For Navratri Lovers

About the course

Garba is a religious and enticing dance style that mainly originated in the Gujarat State of India. In this dance style, a group of people dances over the beats of traditional music holding beautiful Garba sticks and spinning around in a circle to depict the circle of life.

With this online Garba dance course by Navratri Dohiya Class, students will learn signature moves, spinning techniques, Garba stick hitting gestures, and traditional music basics, and will have immense fun with the learning sessions. Are you excited to learn the Garba?

Hurry up and enroll in the course now!

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