Flute Classes- Basics

Allow your budding musicians to learn and play the flute with these online flute classes for kids brought to you by Sudhanshu Ahuja's online flutist classes. These classes will help your kids in brushing up the basic skills of playing flute. ... Read more

Flute Classes- Basics

About the Course

Don't you want your kids to master the art of playing the flute? These online classes will be the best choice for your kids. 

Playing the flute requires good body coordination, especially with your hand, eyes, and mouth.

Needless to say, you’ll be required to read musical sheets, play keys, and blow into the mouthpiece, all in one sitting. Hence, your body coordination is most likely to improve as well. Playing a musical instrument, like the flute, is not easy. In a way, it serves as a milestone that not everyone can just reach. Therefore, it helps develop one’s confidence in their abilities and skills by giving a sense of achievement. Furthermore, conquering a piece you’ve never played before strengthens self-confidence as well.

The classes will help kids to Play the full, natural range of the flute, Form a correct & strong flute embouchure, Read & interpret music notation. Students will also get a better idea of the range and dynamics of the family of flutes by exploring it.

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