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Doodling Classes

Want to learn to doodle? Go through easy to follow online doodle classes by Manya Jain and Get a detailed idea of how to create doodles, patterns techniques, etc. The online classes offer an in-depth analysis of doodles, practice exercises, etc. ... Read more

Doodling Classes


Get insight into the design process, creation of printable doodles, and illustrations. Explore a wide range of doodle styles and have fun with your creatives. The classes will cover: 

  • Learning the basics of doodling, basic techniques and creation of expression list for future reference
  • Basics of Character Doodling and Kavai Doodling
  • Understand the Zentangles art techniques
  • Learning about Zendoodling and creating the art work
  • Learning about Stencils and Stendoodling
  • Learning how to doodle faces and words
  • Learning how to create doodle elements with Mandalas

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