Doodle Workshop- Unfurl the Colorful Designs!

Doodling is highly a funfilled and creative activity. Enroll your kids in a doodling workshop and let them create some beautiful designs with different shapes and patterns. Hurry up and enroll now!... Read more

Doodle Workshop- Unfurl the Colorful Designs!

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About the Workshop

Get ready to learn all the aspects of doodling with this amazing online workshop by Deepa Agnihotri Arts. Explore the doodle art with unique creativity. Kids would love to learn, explore, innovate, and bring variations to their artwork. The session will enhance students to learn about the lines, curves, and patterns. Doodling is a fun technique for kids to reduce stress and organize their thoughts into a meaningful whole. It's a way of expressing creative energy and a powerful way for kids to think and problem-solve.

In this workshop, kids will learn to make different patterns and designs. This fun doodle workshop will help the little ones to uncover their hidden creativity. The entire session would be an extremely engaging and joyous learning experience for kids. So kids take out the art supplies and start drawing.

So, Hurry up and join in the workshop today!