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Be A Chess Prodigy Lessons For Kids

Set up the game board and learn to play the game of Chess by an interactive course by King's Square Chess Classes. Master all the significant basic game tactics online with them.... Read more

Be A Chess Prodigy Lessons For Kids

About the Course

Are your kids planning to pursue a career in chess? These online chess classes brought to you by King's Square Chess will be the best choice for your kids. 

Of course, everyone likes to win, but it is just important to learn how to accept losing. As the saying goes—sometimes you give the lesson, and sometimes you receive the lesson! Most importantly, try to learn from those losses and come back as a better player. Just as in life, we need to get back up when confronted with failure and come back stronger and wiser. Winning with grace is an important character trait that chess can teach a person.

In these chess basics classes, students will have a Chess curriculum that helps the child to build focus, concentration, and mindfulness. Let's do some mental exercise with these amazing online chess classes and get to know mind-blowing tactics, defending & attacking techniques, and more.

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