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Jump Starter Chess Course by K.R. Shashank Udupa

Kids, it's time to learn chess from the very basics with this online course brought to you by Chess With K.R. Shashank Udupa, and gain skills like a professional chess player. Let your kids ace the game of chess like a pro.... Read more

Jump Starter Chess Course by K.R. Shashank Udupa

About the Course

Are your kids passionate about the game of chess? These online chess classes will be the best option for your child.

Chess is the game of mind-twisting techniques, pawn moves, attacks, and defends. This online chess beginners course teaches the rules of the game, basic strategy, important opening concepts, recognition of tactical themes, calculation of material exchanges, and elementary endgame knowledge. 

Also, learn how to correctly place pieces on the board to set up a game of chess and know the legal moves of each piece. Let your kid understand the game of chess by learning unique strategies and tactics, which will enhance their thinking and visualization abilities.    

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