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Carnatic Vocal Classes

Don't miss this course is about the fundamental musical theory of Carnatic classical music. Your child is going to learn about the melodic and rhythmic features of south Indian classical music, as well as the main compositional and improvisational forms, and the structure of a typical Carnatic concert.... Read more

Carnatic Vocal Classes


In these Carnatic Vocal Music Classes, students will maximize their Carnatic Vocal music skills from basic to the masters level. Students will get familiar with all basic ragas, improving the melody and pitch with control on beats in the sessions.

The classes will include vocal exercises that assure the understanding of different voice patterns, embellishing the singing with gamakas, and improvise it by creating Swara combinations. It will help students to strengthen the notes ragas and specifically mastering the art.

Carnatic Vocals is also known to help with stress relief, coordination between brain and body, sharpening brain functions, improving listening skills, and much more.

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