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Bollywood dance - Dance to the Upbeat Music!

What could be better than Enrolling your kids in an online Bollywood workshop to incorporate fitness into their life in a Fun & Engaging Way? Get this Bollywood dance workshop by Nartanashastra Dance and Fitness and learn the TOP Trending Bollywood moves with the expert. ... Read more

Bollywood dance - Dance to the Upbeat Music!

About the workshop

Does your child love to dance? PiggyRide has got your little ones covered by our online Bollywood Dance Workshop by Fusion Nartanashastra Dance and Fitness. Excitement, fitness, happiness, enthusiasm, and so much more are all associated with Bollywood dance. Dance moves are not only a great method to express yourself, but it's also a great way to keep your kid active and energetic in their leisure time.

Bollywood dancing aids emotional, social, and cognitive development, devotion, discipline, and focus that children must acquire and practice. In this workshop, kids will learn about facial expressions, gestures, and popular Bollywood moves with the correct footwork. It will be a super-fun and exciting workshop where the kids will learn and have a great time.

They will also go through fun exercises to increase endurance and freestyle steps synchronizing to upbeat music. Bollywood dancing is a well-proven stress reliever, and the joy and fun spirit of Bollywood is the ideal medicine for worry and academic anxieties.

So, Hurry up & Enroll Now!