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Dance Workshop - Classical Moves!

Grab the incredible opportunity to let your kids learn the classical moves of Bharatanatyam right away with us. Bharatnatyam is a beautiful and graceful art in itself that makes children fall immensely in love with it.... Read more

Dance Workshop - Classical Moves!

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Are you ready to let your kid learn Bharatanatyam with Oxygen Dance Academy?

Bharatanatyam is an ancient classical dance style, mostly performed in southern India. This form of dance needs practice and perfect training to attain different poses and postures. Children will explore the dance and learn expressions and graceful movements in this session. It will include:

  • Bhartnatyam Style- Pandanalluru
  • Basic choreography with usage of few Hasthas ( hand movements) and Adavus.
  • Choreography will be for one min.

This workshop intends to help students to maintain balance to perform movements called Karanas. The session is personalized based on the beginner level of knowledge. 

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