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Bharatnatyam - Crash Course

Explore the Bharatnatyam crash Course with Oxygen Dance Academy and learn the graceful south Indian classical dance with flawless expressions and seamless movements.... Read more

Bharatnatyam - Crash Course

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Bharatnatyam - an impressive classical dance form that needs rigorous practice on the wrist movements, facial expressions, and footwork. This glorious dance form has the power of healing and helps build the mind-body connection. The crash course will help kids to explore:

  • Basic Exercise
  • Baisc Postures/ Allignment
  • ( Aramandi/ Sama pada/ murumandi)
  • Basic hand gestures ( hasthas couple of them)
  • Basic Adavus

Get the anklet bells and let the dancing begin. The classes need immense dedication and passion for bringing out the best poses, expressions, and postures.

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