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Bharatanatyam Classes

Learn the grace, moves, and expressions of Bharatnatyam dance with these online classes by the Shivasmriti Bharathanatya Shale. Bharatnatyam is a naturally expressive art form, and learning to express yourself through it is both liberating and enlightening. So, let's get started! ... Read more

Bharatanatyam Classes

About the course

Bharatanatyam' is India's oldest classical dance tradition. It is much more than just a dancing form. It not only teaches about the moves and expressions, but it also teaches about the meanings and fascinating stories behind the movements and graceful expressions. 

Bharatnatyam is rooted in the mythology, history, and folklore of India. It's a form of dance that combines music, rhythm, and artistic expression. Learning Indian Classical dance form instills discipline, perseverance, positivity, focus, concentration, confidence, and much more in a child. In these classes, kids will learn the basic concepts of Bharatnatyam along with significant theories of classical music.

They will also learn hand gestures, elegant expressions, Bhedas, Talam, neck movements, and significant basic adavus. So, Kickstart your little kids' classical dance journey with these interactive classes by Shivasmriti Bharathanatya Shale.

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