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Bharatanatyam Classes
Bharatanatyam Classes

Explore the basics of Bharatanatyam Dance with Natesha Nrithyalaya and learn the graceful Indian classical dance with flawless expressions and seamless movements.... Read more

Bharatanatyam Classes
Bharatanatyam Classes

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About the Course

Learn Bharatanatyam with Natesha Nrithyalaya and give your kids a wonderful chance to master the art of Bharatanatyam dance with a professional Bharatanatyam dance trainer. The classes need immense dedication and passion for bringing out the best poses, expressions, and postures.

Students will learn Basics in the first four levels. It will cover modules with steps which are known as adavus and hasthas and their usages, small dance choreographies. Each level will focus on executing the basics correctly and enhance different postures flawlessly before moving ahead. The classes will be personalized based on the level of knowledge that students maintain during the sessions.

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