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About the course

Bharatnatyam - an impressive classical dance form that needs rigorous practice on wrist movements, facial expressions, and footwork. This glorious dance form has the power of healing and helps build the mind-body connection. 

Explore the Bharatnatyam Dance with Lalitha Krithika Bharatanatyam Classes and learn the graceful south Indian classical dance with flawless expressions and seamless movements. Equip your child with dancing skills that are cherishable for a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Let the learning begin right away.

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*Namaskar with meaning

* Introduction to Bharatanatyam with History,

* Body Alignment, Paadbheda with subtypes

*Introduction to Main types of Adavu -Tatta adavu with subtypes 


*Paad bheda

*Tatta adavu With Subtypes

 Natya addavu With Subtypes, 


*Kudittametta Adavu and Natya Adavu with subtypes


*Paad bheda

*Tatta adavu , Kudittametta advu with subtypes ,


* Revision of history and namaskar hastmudra

*Natya Adavu

* Kudittametta adavu with Subtypes

*Revision of history and Namaskar Hastmudra

*Paadbheda, shirobheda

* Hastmudra, 

*Tatta adavu with subtypes


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Ethnic wear and ankle bells.

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Join the class using the Zoom videoconference app (available for mobile - Android/iOS, & laptop - PC/Mac with webcam.
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