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Bharatanatyam Dance Classes

Grab an opportunity to equip your kids with elegance, expressions, and postures through the Bharatnatyam classes by Deesha Bharatnatyam Classes. Let's get started! ... Read more

Bharatanatyam Dance Classes

About the course

Is your child expressive and passionate about Indian classical dance? For young expressionists, Deesha Bharatanatyam Classes offers Bharatnatyam sessions for kids.

'Bharatanatyam' is India's oldest classical dance tradition. Its origins can be traced back to the Natyashastra, a book on theatre written by the mythological priest Bharata. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to educate your children on the magnificent south Indian traditional dance. In these classes, children will learn Namaskara, stretches, basic exercises to build stamina and flexibility, basic postures, and footwork theory connected to Bharatanatyam.

On the other hand, classical music calms the mind, instills cheerfulness, encourages children to express themselves, and improves their musical sense. Let your children explore the world of elegant steps and expressions.

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