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Bharatanatyam Dance Classes

Let your kid get to know all the Bharatanatyam basic adavus and other graceful gestures with these online classes by Benaka Academy. Queue music and let's dance! ... Read more

Bharatanatyam Dance Classes

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About the course

Give your kid a wonderful chance to explore the hidden treasures of classical dance style Bharatanatyam with these online Bharatanatyam Classes by Benaka Academy. Step into the world of glorious dance learning. 

This course covers all significant concepts such as Namaskaram techniques, Basic adavus, bhajanas, warm-up exercises, shlokas, Hastas Bhedhas, paadhabeedas, drustibeedas, greevabeedas, and much more. Step into the world of glorious dance learning. So what are you waiting for little dance learners? Get ready! 

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