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Bharatanatyam Advanced Classes

Grab this opportunity to help your kid learn Bharatnatyam dance with advanced proficiency and ace the beautiful south Indian dance style with graceful moves and expressions.... Read more

Bharatanatyam Advanced Classes

About the course

Wondering what this course is about?

In the course, the teacher will also teach students the 10 fundamental hand gestures or mudras pertaining to the Asamyukta hasta meaning that which is done using single hand or one hand gestures, of the 28 in total. They also learn the origin and development of Bharatanatyam and the core concepts of adavus, training them on 10 fundamental foot movements of Bharatanatyam, including the 3 basic postures using the lower half of the body, i.e posture with the legs together, the half seated posture and the fully seated posture.

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