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Bhangra Dance Class

PiggyRide offers Bhangra classes for your children to help them become more fit and active.Join us to dance to your favorite tracks.... Read more

Bhangra Dance Class

About the course

Live freely,Dance Merrily just like no one is watching is the genuine spirit of the Bhangra. PiggyRide announces another series of folk dances that originated in the Punjab region in India.It is also a great workout with full of energy on the beats of dhol.When blending traditional Bhangra on the beats of western popular music,it creates the aura of high spirits and vibrancies.

Bhangra is excellent coordination of vigorous movements,styles,expressions,and music.

This fun Bhangra lesson will boost your children's stamina by including bhangra workout steps.You will also learn Jhummar,Luddi,and,Dhamaal dance techniques in this class. 

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