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Belly Dance Workshop - Twirling and spinning!

It's time for your child to experience joy, creativity, & discipline with this belly dancing workshop by Unmat Dance. Allow your child to discover the magic of Belly Dance. ... Read more

Belly Dance Workshop - Twirling and spinning!

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About the workshop

This course is for anyone who wants to learn new dance moves or simply looking for a fun way to exercise. Pratusha Asawalikar will teach the fundamentals of belly dancing, including shimmies and combinations. The moves are broken down into simple sections to make them easier to learn. Belly dancing makes people feel supercharged and give immense satisfaction.

It also helps with muscle toning, flexibility, mental strength, and blood flow to all parts of the body. Unmat Dance's workshop will allow your children to have fun, learn new moves, and acquire confidence.

Hurry up & enroll!