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Be a Chess-Pro by EMPLIHI
Be a Chess-Pro by EMPLIHI

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Chess is a game that helps you enhance your visualization and forecasting skills. So take your chess game to another level with this special course designed for pros. Ace Chess winning strategies, methods, and techniques. ... Read more

Be a Chess-Pro by EMPLIHI
Be a Chess-Pro by EMPLIHI

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0 Reviews    for Emplihi


The game of kings and knights helps kids to concentrate, improves logic and teaches to play by rules, take responsibility for their actions and how to solve problems in an uncertain environment. Scholastic Chess is a systematic program to help kids master the game. This program covers the following topics & challenges.

  • Basics of Chess - movement & concepts
  • Checkmate in One
  • Checkmate in Two
  • Tactics
  • Endgame Puzzles. Openings
  • Basics of Attack
  • Basics of Positional Chess
  • Endgame - Basic Mates
  • Overall Strategic Thinking

Further, we use various studies created by us to help master tactical, calculated and strategic elements of chess.

1. Remove the defender

2. Interference

3. Overloading

4. Undermining

Chess is the greatest game that raises IQ, increases problem solving skills, induces strategic thinking.


 Emplihi, a renowned event based company provides end-to-end services for organizations and personal events in different categories, activities, and workshops. All the events and workshops by them are unique, innovative, and motivational.

The online classes started by them are conducted by there enthusiastic professionals who hold rich experience in the field. They believe online classes need social listening and bonding that help children to give their best and they buffer for experiential learning quickly.


Kids need to carry course related Materials Any future requirements will be guided by the tutor afterward.

Instructions To Follow
Classes will be conducted online Via Zoom depending on the number of participants. The Link will be shared on the day of Class.
Cancellation Policy
100.0% refund is applicable if booking is cancelled before 2nd class
Please contact us at in case of any query
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