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Chess Class- Basics

Let your kids ace the basics of the chess game with Quality Online Chess Academy. These online chess classes will help your kids in forming a strong base for the game and will help them to develop all the necessary skills needed for playing chess.... Read more

Chess Class- Basics

About the Course

If your kids are willing to master this chess game and strengthen their gaming skills and techniques, then these online chess classes brought to you by Quality Online Chess Academy will be a perfect choice for them. These classes will help to enhance your child's critical thinking skills, reasoning skills, visual memory, focus, concentration, and logical thinking skills.

In these classes, kids will learn about chess notation, the movement of chessmen, basic moves of each piece, chess tactics, and much more. It's a game in which a person's brain goes through a proper exercise to execute and strategize their game to win the game. Chess is a combination of fun and intellectual brain sport. Do you want to enhance your child's intellectual abilities while playing a board game?

So, Get these classes right away! 

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