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Carnatic Vocals- Basics

Train your budding musicians in the field of Carnatic music by enrolling them in Krishna Sahitya Music Classes. These classes will train your kids from the scratch and make them a pro in Carnatic music. ... Read more

Carnatic Vocals- Basics

About the Course

Is your kid passionate about Carnatic music? These online classes will be the perfect choice for them.

We all know that music by itself is soothing and is scientifically proven to calm you and in many cases lower blood pressure. When you learn Carnatic music with all tenacity and focus. Learners have to maintain disciplined regimens so that they feel the benefits, which are akin to yoga or meditation. Singing by itself involves regulating the flow of breath in and out of the body. Carnatic Music evokes positive physical and spiritual influences, relieving you of all stress.

Children will get familiar with all basic ragas, improving the melody and pitch with control on beats in the sessions. Learning Carnatic music also helps in improving focus, listening skills, the art of self-expression, and aids in cultural understanding. Kickstart your little ones singing journey. 

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