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Basic Rifle Shooting Training - 2 Weapons

Get ready to enroll your kids in the basic rifle shooting training using 2 weapons brought to you by Hawkeye Rifle Shooting. Your kids will be trained under the guidance of expert coaches. ... Read more

Basic Rifle Shooting Training - 2 Weapons

About the Training

Is your kid passionate bout rifle shooting? These offline sessions will be the best choice for your kids. 

Finding your center, adjusting your body weight to the balls of your feet, and remaining still in your shooting stance is a great exercise for your core muscles, which supports proper posture. When the abdominal muscles are weak, the lower back holds additional pressure and weight from simple daily tasks like walking. Strengthening the abdominal muscles allows the weight of the upper body to be evenly distributed over the front and back, improving balance.

The offline rifle course brought to you by Hawkeye Rifle Shooting Academy will train your kids on body postures, trigger training, and various breathing techniques. 

Don't wait, enroll now!