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Basic Hindi Class

Basic Hindi classes by Abdul Gaffar Kazi. ... Read more


Basic Hindi classes by Abdul Gaffar Kazi. 

The basic Hindi class will help students build the foundation for the Hindi Language by understanding the basic words. The classes for beginners will help students to understand and learn words, sentence formation, Practical grammar, verbs, and tense in Hindi. They will able to speak about themselves, daily familiar matters with ease. It will include

  • Greetings
  • Yes-No questions
  • Who and how people are
  • What (identity), Nationality, Jobs
  • Shopping
  • Have, want, like
  • Availability
  • Directions, Where can I get, Position and Place
  • Talking about accommodation
  • Exchanging personal details, introductions
  • Formal/informal speaking
  • Giving orders and making requests
  • Possession and the family
  • Numbers