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Basic Guitar Classes - 1 Month Course

Time to explore Basic Guitar Classes - 1 Month Course with Humming Strings Academy. The course will cover all major basic modules of Guitar.... Read more

Basic Guitar Classes - 1 Month Course


The Basic Guitar Classes - 1 Months  by Humming Strings Academy will help children to explore the best playing techniques, holding position, leads, chords, notes, finger exercises, strumming, and some other tips to play Guitar at the basic level. 

Each lesson focuses on providing a useful experience by exploring the fundamentals of playing guitar, changing open chords smoothly, match Major and Minor chord. It will include Basic exercises, Basic level theory, Sitting & Guitar Holding Postures, Chords & Scales, and Rhythm reading.

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  • Class 1 - Correct posture (holding the guitar and plectrum), Introduction to guitar parts and Open string notes.
  • Class - 2 - Open string exercises for right hand.
  • Basic chromatic exercises for left hand.
  • Class 3 - More chromatic exercises using alternate picking.
  • Introduction to the notes on the guitar and tuning procedures.
  • Class 4 -Pre-chord exercises.
  • Class 5 - Tunes/Tabs of songs in C major scale.
  • Class 6 - Open position C major scale with different picking patterns.
  • Class 7 - Introduction to chords.
  • Class 8- Learning easy songs using chords.
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Join the class using the Zoom videoconference app (available for mobile - Android/iOS, & laptop - PC/Mac with webcam.
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100.0% refund is applicable if booking is cancelled before 2nd class
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