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Basic Guitar - 3 Months Course

The Basic Guitar - 3 Months Course by Navin Ranpal Music School will help students to explore the fundamentals of playing guitar, changing open chords smoothly, match Major and Minor chords.... Read more

Basic Guitar - 3 Months Course

About the Course

Navin Ranpal Music School offer Basic Guitar - 3 Months Course for children who are passionate about learning Guitar from a professional expert. The sessions will be full of learning and encouragement for enthusiasts who want to kickstart their music journey.

Grab the best opportunity to let your kids learn guitar right away. The sessions aim to make students explore the basics of playing the guitar. The versatile tutor will help your kid to get introduced to the basic concepts and theories in easy to follow steps.

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Class 1 -Revision of beginner level, Formation of major scale and notes, Alternate picking exercises

Class 2 - Revision of beginner level, Scale shapes of Major scale in different positions, Formation of minor scales

Class 3 - Connecting the scale shapes

Class 4 - Sequencing patterns

Class 5 - Practising scales using backing tracks

Class 6 - Chord formation theory

Class 7 - Minor scale relation with major scale and visualization of the shapes

Class 8 - Revision of all the above lessons, practice, and Q&A session

Class 9 - Introduction to modes

What do you mean by modes?

Class 10- What are the modes of a Major scale

Class 11 -Basic Sweep picking exercises

Class 12-Scale chord relationship

Class 13- Harmonized major scale

Class 14 - Revision of all the above lessons, practice, and Q&A session

Class 15 - Introduction to CAGED system

CAGED Barre chord shapes

Class 16 - Extended chord formation

Some basic shapes of extended chords

Class 17 - Arpeggios, Arpeggio shapes using CAGED system,Arpeggio exercises,Using Arpeggios along with scales for improvisation

Class 18 - Revision of all the above lessons, practice, and Q&A session

Class 19 - Introduction to Riffs

Class 20 - Power chord - Power chord rhythm study using down strokes and accents

Class 21 - Palm Muting

Class 22 - Popular riffs

Class 23 - Techniques - Slides; Hammer-on; Pull-off; Vibrato; Legato exercises -Introduction to Bending

Class 24 - Revision of all the above lessons, practice, and Q&A session

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"Zoom/Hangout Meeting link will be shared 1 hour prior to the class".
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